Esal provides various categories of content SMS services to telecommunication operators in the MENA region. Examples of these categories are: Islamic SMS, Health SMS, Entertainment SMS, Romantic SMS, Astrology SMS and many more.

We also provide an integrated SMS Chatting system to telecommunication operators and to companies who look for better internal communication means between their employees.

Contact us if you have questions regarding our SMS services and solutions.

Islamic SMS:

  • آيات من الذكر الحكيم
    Verses of the holy Quran are sent to subscribers on a daily basis.
  • الدعاء
    Daily SMS with doa’a from the holy Quran and Sunnah.
  • ديني أسلوب حياتي
    Daily SMS about the sweetness and greatness of Islam’s rules and regulations in our daily life.
  • قصص الأنبياء
    Daily SMS provides contents about prophets and what they went through with their people.
  • أوقات الصلاة
    Daily SMS provides prayer times of the day.
  • نفحات إيمانية
    Daily SMS provides rich content about the spirituality and virtues of Islam.
  • حكم سيدنا علي رضي الله عنه
    Daily SMS provides sayings and quotes of Ali Bin Abi Talib.

Astrology SMS:

  • الأبراج
    Daily SMS depending on the zodiac sign requested by subscriber. Subscriber receives daily astrological readings of the sign.

Health SMS:

  • الحمية الغذائية
    Daily SMS that provides nutrition and weight loss tips.
  • فوائد الخضار
    Daily SMS provides benefits and information about the mysteries of vegetables and fruits.

Romantic SMS:

  • كلام في الحب
    Daily SMS contains sweet and romantic poems, quotes and sayings about love and romance.
  • آدم وحوا
    Daily SMS contains funny facts about differences and similarities between Adam and Eve.

Entertainment SMS:

  • نصائح للحصول على شريك الحياة
    Daily SMS with funny tips on how to capture your prince charming.
  • أمثال شعبية
    Quotes and sayings used among the local community.
  • حقائق طريفة
    Daily SMS that provides funny scientifically proven facts.
  • عزيزي... مثلا
    Daily SMS of sayings that has spread among the youth that starts with عزيزي and ends with مثلا.

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